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This will save you TIME, MONEY, and ANXIETY.

When it becomes time to downsize, relocate to be with family, or take advantage of the care offered from an assisted living organization, you want Steve Martin Homes Group to handle the details related to your Sarasota County real estate.  

You may be wondering... "will Steve Martin Homes Group coordinate all of the Packing, Cleaning, Moving, Lawn Care, Appraisals, Survey, Insurance, Home Detailing, Staging, Title Work, Marketing, Showings, Contracts, Addendums, Inspections, Repairs, and Closings?"

The answer is YES!


We recently had a listing where the seller, a recent widow, hired a senior care transition management company to clean out their home and ship their belonging to their son's out of state home where she was moving to. There were 3 categories of items, sell, ship, and dispose-of.  They spent several weeks working at the home and having a weekend garage sale.  They accepted the sale of items as part of their pay and charged $17,000 for the rest of it.  Part of that bill was to cover items shipped. However, it was only personal items, no furniture.  The customer and her son were appalled, but unable to close on the sale of her home unless the invoice was paid at closing. 

I am not stating an opinion of their price or level of service.  What I am suggesting is that our team would have saved them an incredible amount of money if they had just hired us to handle the whole project.   

You can make us your first call, or your last call, but sign with no one until you speak to Steve Martin Homes Group

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