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Selling An Inherited Home

If a funeral home or crematory recommends a real estate agency to the families of the deceased, it's because they believe that the agency is experienced, prepared and compassionate enough to walk with them through to the closing table and even beyond if needed. An estate sale has many attributes that are not part of a regular real estate transaction. The needs of the family are also unique. The family often does not have the time, resources or clear understanding of how to get the property ready for sale. They often live in a different town or state from the house they need to sell. There are often probate attorneys involved, title issues to work through and multiple family members that have a variety of expectations. Then there's the furnishings and personal property that are now emotionally attached to memories. All of that and more has to be worked through before a house can be sold.

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Estate Customer 5 Star Review

As a probate attorney in Michigan, I recently had to locate a Realtor in Sarasota County to manage the sale of a client's property.

After a quick google search, Steve Martin Homes Group was the third number I called and the first to answer the phone. The video that Steve sent of his first visit showed an extreme amount of rodent droppings and other issues. He presented the options to sell the property as-is or fix it up and increase the salability and profit margin. I chose the latter and was not disappointed. Steve oversaw the rodent remediation and Katrina managed the entire rehab process which included, roofing, flooring, appliances, painting, electrical, plumbing and more. I also chose their standard staging package and never regretted my decisions.

The place looked amazing when they put it on the market and it sold for a great price in only 9 days. My clients and I were very impressed with the results that SMHG and Little Black Dress Home Staging & Detailing obtained for them.

- Michael Colton, Michigan

Estate Customer 5 Star Review

We learned about Steve Martin Homes Group by word of mouth from family members who were previously clients of theirs and had a great experience. Steve and Katrina recently helped us sell our dad’s home after he passed away. We live in ND and they were a tremendous help walking us through the process (mostly from across the country). I can’t recommend them enough!

- Rachael Preusse, North Dakota


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To Fix or Not To Fix?

When a home is inherited from the passing of a loved one, it is very often in less than great condition. Those now responsible for deciding what to do with the property have to decide if they are going to fix up the home, sell it as they found it, or find someplace in the middle. 

Steve Martin Homes Group will provide you with a clear picture of what those options would look like to you. 

  • What the cost would be 
  • The timeline
  • The final profit range that you could reasonably expect in each scenario

Even when our customers decide to sell the property as is, there are still ways that we can improve the salability with little or no involvement by those responsible for the property.

The video below includes a section we call "From Rats To Radiant". It is from an estate that had been neglected for many years. The probate attorney chose to have us fix it up before putting it on the market. As you’ll see, we would have had to give it away in the condition we found it in. 

Although this is an extreme example of the type of work we will do in order to help families get the most from their loved one’s investment, Steve Martin Homes Group is willing, ready, and able to provide this level of service.