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About Our NewsLetters

Welcome to the SMHG eNewsLetter Vault.

We write our own content specifically for our readers. Segments such as "You Don't Know What You Don't Know", Katrina's Kitchen, sMyth Busters and others have become anticipated reads by many. We keep you informed on real estate issues that you might not even know existed.

Since this site has received close to 20,000 unique visitors in a single 30 day period, without paid advertising, we know that we are providing valuable content for our readers.

We've also attracted professional bloggers that have volunteered to write original material just for you - our readers. It's rare, but we do occasionally include one of those guest bloggers in our eNewsLetters as well. 

This vault includes the eNewsLetter history from SMHG.

You can read even more from us and our guest bloggers on our SMHG blog page.

Thanks for reading!