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We didn't always know how to make good real estate purchase decisions (or even hair style decisions - LOL). We bought this house on Barlow St. in Detroit (3 blocks south of 8mile) just 7 months after we were married. Katrina is a few months pregnant here. I grabbed the last pic off google maps just now. It's from August of 2018. The house to the right is gone and most of the street looks abandoned. We sold after just 2 years because we realized the hood was taking over. I cleared $350.00 minus all the home improvements ( which were many ). Maybe this is why I try so hard to help young home buyers understand their options and make quality decisions. The sign reads "Happy 21st Birthday Kathy". Yes Katrina is still known as Kathy in some circles. I sure wish we had photos of the improvements we made to the place. Mauve shutters and doors. Grey porch carpet. Now that I think about it, those were also our wedding colors. LOL. We turned the back yard into a little park like oasis and the lawn became green and healthy. I can still see my pregnant wife pushing the mower in my mind. Ahhhh memory lane. Thanks for joining me :) - Steve

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