Stuffular Paralysis by Doctor Katrina

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Written by Katrina Smith ( she's not really a doctor, but she does play one on the internet )

Paralyzed by Stuff? 

At what point do the things you own, own you?   The answer lies somewhere between “I may need it someday”, “It was a fantastic bargain”, “I paid a lot for it, so I’m keeping it” and lastly “(insert a name here) gave it to me so I have to keep it because I don’t want to hurt their feelings”.   These are the 4 deadly reasons that can often inflict you with a condition I like to call - Stuffular Paralysis.   

This infliction is curable but will require an action on your part. Once you can let go of stuff that burdens your time and mental/physical energies - you will begin to experience the side effects of freedom.  Freedom side effects include found living space in your home and garage, more time to enjoy other activities due to less time spent managing and re ordering, a more peaceful home and FOUND MONEY. You can finally let go of that monthly storage bill and take a vacation with your new savings because life is too short to be managing stuff.    

I recognize not everyone is in a place to just purge, but when you finally decide you have had enough and want to spend your time living instead of managing stuff, there a few simple steps that can start you on your way.

Simple Steps

1)   Take one room at time (take small bites of the big pie and before you know it – the pie will be gone).

2)   Go through every item in that room and physically touch it. Sort it out into three piles on the floor.

3)   Pile one is keep, pile two is throw out, pile 3 is give away

4)   Remove piles two and three from your home - quickly and do not picking things out. 

(this will be hard).

5)   Go thru your keep pile and start the process over for a final time.  

6)   Have a glass of wine and enjoy your labors – then set about putting your room back together. If you need help with some organizational ideas check out my favorite websites -  The Spruce  and Real Simple. 

7)   While you’re still in the groove – go on to the next room. 

8)   Enlist support from your close friend or family member that has an organizational bone if you do not find that you are making progress on your own.

9)   Keep in your mind    FREEDOM -  own your stuff,  don’t let it own you.