SHORTS: Property tax mistakes

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If you like to learn from other people's mistakes instead of having to make them yourselves then that's probably one of the reasons why you watch my YouTube shorts and possibly listen to my podcast I'm Steve Martin Smith with one set story for you today and it's from a customer of mine whom I helped get into a brand new home in Wellen park at the beginning of last year while their neighbor purchased at about the same time and apparently didn't understand what taxes were going to look like because after a year went by and they got their new tax but uh they realized that wow this is a lot higher than I wanted to pay so they started looking for another house with lower taxes and they found one still in an HOA quite a ways away from Wellen Park which Wellen Park is where they wanted to live now they have purchased that house sold the other house that they had and as soon as the taxes roll around next year from what I could tell they're going to be at the same tax rate and they don't even appear to know that so don't let that be your story