Shorter life expectancies and pre-mature aging

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I am convinced that RENTING = Shorter life expectancies and pre-mature aging


Most of my blog posts thus far have been about the fabulous lifestyle and history of Sarasota, FL. These posts also typically are sent out on Wednesday afternoons. This week I have had my entire life thrown in the air, lost full nights of sleep ( not exaggerating here ), and probably took another year off my life. I AM MOVING. So instead of my planned blog about the History of Laurel Park.... I'm going to give you some real deal stuff straight from my life today.


Currently, I am dealing with a struggle that many others face over and over for far too much of their lives. The struggle of RENTING a home, and the larger struggle of moving out of said rental. With a 60+ hour a week job, a child, and dogs, its a large task. From getting your home ready for property managers to start showing before your move out date, while simultaneously moving things out and repairing the damage your kids and animals caused, its amazing any of us have hair left on our heads.


Moving out is not the only hassle I have encountered in the rental process. Can we talk about how frustrating it is to be constantly checked up on by property managers and/or landlords? I have only rented two properties and BOTH of them were riddled with phone calls about the lawn, the interior, and requests to stop by for god knows what insignificant reason. As a full-grown, responsible adult with barely enough time to sleep and eat between work and taking care of my dependents this is EXTREMELY frustrating. On top of the constant inconveniences, where are these same people when requests for basic repairs are made? I can't tell you where, but I can certainly tell you they take their sweet time showing up when it's a problem the renter is concerned with.


Two years ago I was with my significant other in a home that we OWNED, and I can tell you the quality of life as an owner verses a renter is significantly upgraded. We had a few life challenges that caused us to have to sell, but I promise you we are going to own again early next year. I am so ready to start living in a home without the worry of nagging phone calls, non-refundable pet fees, monthly payments that are significantly higher than a mortgage, and having to wait on necessary repairs due to a landlord's slow time table. I truly feel as a renter I have been treated like a second class citizen.


If you are renting and having to deal with these or other frustrating side effects of living in someone else's home, we may be able to help YOU upgrade your life. There are so many different financing options available now that most people aren't aware of. From no money down to $500 down with no PMI,  investor loans, bank statement loans for those that are self-employed, single-year tax return loans, you name an objection and there is probably a loan product available to overcome it. Fill out your wish list today, and Steve Martin Homes Group can match you with the best lenders to suit your situation. In some cases, it may take a little time, but with the right team on your side, you could be a homeowner faster than you think.


As for me, I will finally be done renting this spring. It has been a frustrating journey to say the least. Soon I will be living on my time and my terms, and not paying into someone else's investment any longer!


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