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If you are a buyer working with a realtor you might think it logical that that agent would have an obligation to show you whatever properties meet your criteria I'm Steve Martin Smith here to inform you that unless you have a single agency agreement signed with that agent and that brokerage we have no obligation to show you anything we don't want to now why might we not want to show your property well extreme example maybe the seller is offering a dollar in commission and we have no interest in working for free so we're going to try very hard to find you other properties that meet your criteria but also we can actually feed our family off of so that is something that many people are not aware of that single agency agreement that's a conversation you want to have with your agent before you even get started find out the details of that what it means to you because it can greatly affect your ability to find the perfect house for you now before you even get started with that make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications for the "Real Estate Agent Man" YouTube channel