SHORT: Let's talk about #affordable housing

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let's talk about affordable housing for a minute I'm Steve Martin Smith and so is that handsome young man in the picture behind me standing next to my big sister in front of the house that our parents bought for about $112,000 in 1960 now this is not a conversation about inflation it's a conversation about the stuff you feel you have to have because when our parents and all of their peers were buying the new houses in this neighborhood they didn't come with granite countertops they didn't come with a second bathroom I mean these were three bedroom one bath houses about 900 sq ft with a rough basement no garages no fluff at all but yet it got them out of Apartments out of renting and into something that they could start building on and that mortgage as time went on appeared to be a really small mortgage because of how little they paid for all the stuff because there wasn't any stuff they just paid for the house so if you want to keep your mortgage down and get into something the least expensive way possible be okay with less stuff