SHORT: Insurance and flood zones

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If you've heard about changes in the way insurance companies are viewing flood zones and how that's affecting Insurance costs then this video is for you. I'm Steve Martin Smith here with some good news. Even though you may be starting to to get a little worried if you've tried to get an insurance policy lately or have heard that yours just went from like $400 to $4,000 a year for your flood insurance. What you need to do is get a current survey with an elevation certificate, and I've seen that cost $550, $650, $700, maybe $800, but that's going to make all the difference, or I should say it could make all the difference in your insurance rates. You're going to have to get one and find out, if your insurance company isn't telling you this then you might want to shop around. You can call me, I can give you some suggestions as well, but if you're a seller get that survey ordered now with the elevation certificate because that could be the reason why your buyer ends up having to back out of your deal!