SHORT: Are you a do-it-yourself buyer?

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Do you lean towards being a do-it-yourselfer is DIY in your DNA I'm Steve Martin Smith and have admittedly had to call in professionals to save the day plenty of times in my life whether it's from working on a car Plumbing electric the time I set the house on fire because I was changing an outlet well yeah it was the last time I tried to do electric myself although I had changed many outlets in my day this one was different didn't know it was going to be different and poof we have Flames when it comes to being a do-it-yourself buyer there's what I call the point of no return and that would be where you write an offer and the seller signs it you're now under a legal binding contract and if you've done it without representation and then you decide that you want representation the seller does not have to allow you to add representation not from a realtor now of course you can get an attorney and force your way in that can get really expensive so just get an agent at the beginning