SHORT: 60 Second Market Update January 2024

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it is Monday January 15, 2024. I'm Steve Martin Smith here with your 62nd market update now see this number above my head here at the top 4285 that was the amount of inventory on November 27th which was my last 62nd market update took December off from doing these but now we're getting back into it and I expect to be doing them regularly again to keep you informed and help you track the market as it changes now what we're seeing in this market update is precisely what we would expect to see going into the third week of January of Any Given Year and that is an uptick in new listings an uptick in price decreases because people have been sitting on their inventory for a couple of months and now we're getting hit with a lot more inventory and so the people who are serious about selling their houses are going to be doing price decreases what happens every year we're also seeing almost a 40% increase in pendings which is great news new listings new pendings the Market's moving: