SHILLA KOREAN RESTAURANT in Sarasota – love it!

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Written by Katrina Smith 

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of helping the Yi family (owners of Shilla) buy their forever home. To celebrate their new home, Steve and I thought we would surprise the Yi’s by eating in their restaurant.  After a fantastic meal they ended up picking up the tab.  How sweet, there we were trying to do something nice for them and they treated us.  The Yi’s are very kind people and a pleasure to work with.  I suspect this carries over into their profession and I would be right based on all the amazing reviews.  While you cannot please everyone, as all business owners can attest to – they still maintain a 4.7 star rating after 219 google reviews.   The Yi’s really know how to make you feel at home in their restaurant – as if they were serving only you as their special guests for the evening.  Never having had Korean food before, we were apprehensive if it would be something we would every try again.  To our great surprise, and delight - the food was delicious!  We tried all kinds of great dishes and had fun doing it.  It really was a great evening out!  The location was a little hard to find being located in a strip mall, but well worth the hunt.  I will never forget the Korean Black Raspberry Wine!  You must try this wine!  I give this restaurant 5 stars for every category.  I hope you will visit the Yi family and sample their fantastic food.  The Yi’s know how to balance their life and work, they are only open for dinner from 4pm to 9 pm Tuesdays thru Saturday. Sundays they are open from 5pm to 8:30pm.  Located at 501 N Beneva Rd #240, Sarasota, FL 34232 – tell them Steve Martin Smith and Katrina sent you. 

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