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How to serve up the best tasting meat. 


Recently I started shopping online for my groceries, the convenience is economical for me because I have little time to shop let alone prepare meals daily.   I also spend less money – bonus!


I really like the Publix Instacart shoppers, they will deliver as few as one product in the pouring rain ( true story).  I recently discovered that Walmart’s pick up is also fantastic. They are very organized and it has been a pleasant experience to date. 


My favorite online shopping item – MEAT!  I discovered BUTCHER BOX at in my quest to select antibiotic free, grass fed, free range and HUMANLY RAISED protein.  Happy animals, properly fed and cared for - produce the best tasting meats.  My father purchased a farm when I was 12, and we raised cattle, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, and turkeys. They were raised with care and love and they produced the best tasting meats I have ever enjoyed.  Supermarket cuts do not have the quality meats they tout – just mass produced colored enhanced meats that taste dull -  did you know meat isn't that color red naturally?


Butcher Box has multiple ways to order and it always arrives with a text message to let me know it’s on my porch.  The taste is unlike what you're used to – it’s amazing!  I have tried everything they offer and have zero complaints. 


It’s my secret to great tasting meals and I thought I would share it with you.   Check it out, you will enjoy the convenience and the experience.  I loved it so much, I bought an extra freezer.


Tell them I sent you and happy eats,  Katrina

Click Here to visit the Butcher Box website