Selling an empty house

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( don't miss the 'empty verses dressed' photos below )

"I don't know... it looks kinda small. Will a kitchen table fit here? Can this master suite handle our king size bed? How would we even set up the living room? We'd need new paint and flooring right away."

These are just a few of the many common questions and concerns that slow buyers down from purchasing an empty home.

When we dress your house for success shoppers begin to fall in love with your listing from the moment they see it on the internet. Seeing it in person builds on that love affair when your property is truly dressed for success.

PEOPLE BUY BEAUTIFUL! We buy it faster and for more money than we buy "adequate" or "okay" or "it'll do".

Think about those three powerful, life changing words that certainly apply to cars, dresses, jewelry, furniture and artwork - why would our next home be any different?

We only buy "adequate", "okay" or "it'll do" when the price is low enough to entice us. However, when we MUST have something - WE DIG DEEP to get what we want.

The Steve Martin Smith Team believes so heavily in this truth that we often dress a house for success on our dime until the property sells. Even then we usually only charge the national average for home staging. These sellers have nothing to lose and money to gain. The seller of the home in these photos paid an extra 1% commission for us to dress their house for success. Prior to hiring us as their REALTORS, they had expected to sell for about $199,000. We sold for $218,000 in three weeks. Their additional cost for us to dress their house for success was only $2,180.00.

So yes... they cleared an extra $15,000+ because they saw the value in what we do. 

Before you consider selling an empty house, call us at (941) 894-9800

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