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Welcome to your children’s Higher Education, right here in Sarasota.

Written by Nicole Smith, Sarasota area specialist, REALTOR®


  Among the many highly rated private schools this area has to offer, The Classical Academy may stand slightly above the rest. Your children will benefit from the smaller class sizes, the "Classical Style" curriculum, competitive sports, and all for a tuition under the area average. This school is one of the few places where your children will learn to read and write in cursive. TCA has also rejected common core math, yes your children still have a place they can learn real math! The Classical Academy not only focuses on your children's academic enrichment, they also teach your children how to be successful members of society. Accurate and in depth History classes, exciting field trips, art enrichment, and personal growth can be found here. The Classical Academy accepts many scholarships including the “Hope” scholarship. Please be aware that masks are optional, and social distancing may not be practiced.


  The Classical Academy of Sarasota will teach your children core values they need to become high functioning and successful adults. Focusing on creation of strong core values that produce subconscious habits. Your children will be held accountable daily to develop and maintain the following values:

• Prudence: To have sound judgment, the ability to make sound choices, and to be thoughtful in their actions. To be honest, wise, have integrity, and to be humble.
• Temperance: Mastering themselves for the sake and happiness of others. To be courteous, have self-control, and patience.
• Justice: Treating others with respect and taking personal responsibility for their own well-being. To be fair, respectful, generous, kind, and have healthy relationships.
• Fortitude: Having the courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles, the ability to persevere. To be optimistic, loyal, brave, and a good citizen.


 The Classical Academy of Sarasota takes a unique approach in all aspects of instruction, curriculum, and classroom experiences. You can view the chart on their website to see how they compare to most other modern-age schools, or read my chosen bullet points.

• Teaching a rigorous, rich, and challenging curriculum regardless of state standards
• Virtue taught through excellent literature, demonstrated by adults, and expected from students
• Emphasis on academic skills in traditional core areas/measured objectively 
• Standards based on 2500 years of the best of the Western Canon
• History and Geography are defined subjects
• Focus on American heritage, national sovereignty, and cross-cultural studies
• Reading taught through explicit phonics
• Emphasis on excellent instruction and imparting wisdom 


  Your child does not have to sacrifice the fun and growth experiences of athletic opportunities to ensure a great education. The Classical Academy of Sarasota offers many competitive athletic options beginning in middle school. Teams are firmly separated by birth genders. Current available options below:

• Football
• Basketball
• Golf
• Soccer
• Cross Country
• Track
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Volleyball

What about Art Enrichment you ask?

   TCA Students K-12 have the opportunity to participate in Theater, Visual, and Musical arts. The programs are not like those you would find in traditional public schools. TCA is committed to providing their students with art enrichment opportunities that cultivate and inspire each students abilities. Students will explore their abilities with everything from art history, drawing, painting, graphic design, and set design within the Visual Art program. Musical Arts will take them on a journey through music as it relates to history, geography, and technological developments. Learning foundational music theory and applying it to movement, instrumental playing, and singing. Instrumental electives explore wind and string ensembles for grades 6-8. The upper class builds upon this, learning rhythm, pitch, harmony, music composition and the history and culture of music over the years.  Your children will also have the opportunity to perform in various classical productions within the Theater Arts program. Produced with excellence and precision, from set designs to costumes and make-up. The theater department helps to build your child’s confidence and oratory skills. A few examples of past productions include:

• Alice in Wonderland ( Musical )
• The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
• The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
• The Jungle Book ( Musical )
• Simply Shakespeare ( Dinner Theater )


TCA Sarasota is an outstanding school with unique approaches, however it may or may not be your perfect fit. To view more information on TCA visit their website at If this isn’t the school for you, there is no need to worry. Sarasota has many other educational opportunities to explore such as Out-of-Door Academy, Sarasota Military Academy, Community Day School ( Jewish faith based or World faith based options ), Saint Marthas Catholic School, Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, and Sarasota Christian School to name a few. Sarasota is also known for our A rated public school district should you prefer this route. No matter the needs and desires you have for your children’s education, Sarasota offers the educational experience you want for the most precious people in your life!