Mineral Make Up – The Face of Florida

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Moving here from another state has its adjustments.  The difference in the humidity and searing heat of the sun combined with a rainy season ( and let’s not forget hot flashes) has played havoc on my hairstyle choices and make up decisions over the years. As a professional I need to look put together, and although a pony tail bun will suffice on most days, my face has nowhere to hide and was often D.O.A.  I've tried many expensive brands, drug store standbys, and went bare faced in rebellion with only a little mascara.  How do those other women keep their faces on?  What is their secret?  I am not sure I have discovered their secret, but I do have my own to share. 

I recently purchased loose mineral eyeshadow from Amazon. A – mazing. I never knew loose
minerals could be used in a variety of ways. I can make into nail polish, apply it to my lips, use it for eyeliner, cheek color, bronzer, foundation, and use it to color accent my hair (not my thing, but interesting) and ultimately and most important – it stays put.  

The trick to not looking chalky with all that powder on your face is to mist your face with a veil of Skin Fitness collagen spritzer. I love this product and I used to sell Skin Fitness at my salon.  I highly recommend anything from Skin Fitness. A good foundation is key for keeping your face fresh and youthful and these products really deliver – as my former facial customers can attest.  Even my husband loves them and uses them (which is why he looks so good for being only 100 years old).


Let’s address micro blading or shading of the eyebrows – love it!  A must have with a vodka tonic and crap load of topical anesthetic.  Who would have thought that inducing micro cuts onto your face would be a beauty regime?  Genius. Now you don’t have to worry that your eyebrow girl might miscalculate a wax line and leave you looking like a freak for months.  No more brow liner that rubs off on one side because the heat of your hand against your face smudged it off. Did you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at TJ Maxx and say – HAVE I BEEN WALKING AROUND LIKE THIS ALL DAY?  You know what I’m talking about.   Let’s move on to Botox and fillers, shall we?

I tried it once at the behest of my daughter who swears by it.  I had my cheeks filled with Restylane, and Dysport needled into my wrinkle areas around my eyes and forehead. OUCH!  I took it like a woman, but I almost broke the chair arm.  I HATED the cheek filler process.  It hurt and I could hear the needle puncturing my skin with a pop sound – horrible.  I could feel the product filling under my skin and it was tender for 6 weeks afterwards. My cheeks hurt all the time and gave me migraines.  Won’t do that again – ever.  Who want to look like Cher or Dolly Parton anyways?  However, I must say the Dysport was amazing – in two weeks’ time my wrinkles and brow furrow were actually gone. I enjoyed about three months of a wrinkle free face, only to wake up one morning and scream – NOOOOOOOOOO, my face is back.  Mineral make up won’t cover that!  This I will do again – it was worth it to me.

In conclusion, the best Florida face is a fresh and natural one that receives regular facials/peels, polished with a bit of mineral make up that will look good all day (I love anything that gives double duty or multiple functions) and a little wrinkle relaxer now and then. 

As my husband’s vision grows a little blurrier each year (remember he is over 100) he swears he doesn’t see the wrinkles on my face – just my sweet smile which makes everything look good.  Perhaps all the mineral powders floating in the air in our bathroom has clouded his vision. He is sweet, says all the right things. Smart man. 

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Katrina Smith is owner/operator of Little Black Dress Home Staging in Sarasota County. She is also a licensed Florida Realtor with Steve Martin Homes Group and RE/MAX Platinum Realty. A home décor specialist from the Gross Point Michigan area, Katrina has been professionally preparing and staging homes in and around Sarasota County since 2007. Katrina has also held a full cosmetology license since 1997.