Let Them Eat Pancakes - Then Demo Your Kitchen

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Imagine pancakes everyday without the usual fanfare and mess to clean up.

I have found a recipe that allows me to make a pancake with jam and peanut butter swirled in - so no need for syrups!  

I make this once a week for my family, freeze the bite size pieces ( optional) and pull them out the night before so they are ready in the morning.  Just pop in the toaster oven or eat as they are - filling bites on the go.  


Grandkids love them as a lunch version of the peanut butter jelly sandwich, so they are versatile.  

All organic ingredients, no preservatives - a pancake to feel good about and tastes delicious.

I work a demanding full time job, I am a grandmother of 4, a wife and mother, so it is important to find wholesome delicious and easy recipes to make in advance for the week - WITH FEW INGREDIENTS.  The secret is in the prep which I can share more on in my next feature.  

I make my foods from scratch, my pantry is bare with only raw essentials and a few exceptional prepared items.  It really doesn’t take that much more time to make something good from your kitchen.  With a little prep making everything handy - you're going to eat better and enjoy what you eat more.  

Then with all the new found energy you get from eating preservative free, you should be able to get to that kitchen makeover you always wanted to do.  

-- Katrina