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One of my favorite television shows is Everybody Loves Raymond, I am still watching this series and I never grow tired of it.  Perhaps it is because I can relate to the family dynamic between Debra and Marie.  The Thanksgiving episode where Marie serves her family a Tofurky, low fat meal, cracks me up – because I can relate.   

Steve and I have packed on a few pounds and decided to engage in a low carb lifestyle; I often wonder how we will enjoy the holidays on this restricted carb regimen.   This is where I envision my family responding with the same horror as Marie’s family did in the holiday episode.  It is a must watch.

Not wanting the same experience – as there would be no crowd inserted laughter, I sought out a better way to celebrate with food – real food.  Better Homes and Gardens has a website where I found this low carb menu to help navigate the Holidays.  I am going to try it this year.  Unlike the Barone family, we will be enjoying real turkey! 

Check out the Better Homes and Gardens website – there is a lot of great ideas that cover a large range of interests, and make sure to  check out the Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie Bites ( they are not on my diet, so be sure to tell me how delicious they are). 

- Katrina