Katrina's Kitchen - Perfect Poached Eggs

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SECRET #1 After 32 years of marriage I have just discovered why my poached eggs are never consistent or pretty – like in a restaurant or a magazine.  THE SECRET is in the execution - and one simple ingredient that you have in your cupboard.   Apple Cider Vinegar!  Add a generous splash of vinegar to the water and here is the why:  it keeps your whites tight giving you that perfect encasement to your finished product.   You will not experience a vinegar taste – it would take an excessive amount of vinegar for that to happen – so now worries.  


SECRET # 2 – a tight mesh strainer or spoon and a pyrex measuring cup.  Set up a small bowl to receive the runny whites from the straining – crack egg into the tight mesh spoon, the thin water portion of the egg will drop into the bowl with only the firm white and yolk remaining. Gently transfer egg from the tight mesh spoon into the pyrex measuring cup.  THIS IS HOW YOU WILL TRANSFER EGGS INTO THE BATH.


SECRET #3 – for the best results - DON’T POACH MORE THAN 2 EGGS AT A TIME.  


SECRET #4 – reduce the boil to a slight boil and SWIRL THE WATER with a spoon – creating a gentle vortex and add the eggs from a low height (almost touching the water) into the gentle swirl.  Set your timer for 4-5 minutes for a fantastic creamy center slightly set – perfect every time.


Serve over a prepared plate of sliced tomato, avocado and some bacon or Canadian ham.  Top it with green onion – a little pepper, THEN ENJOY YOUR PERFECT, DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY POACHED EGGS.