It's good for your mental health - by Katrina

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Hair appointment, car wash, yards and landscapes.  What do all these things share in common?  They are all exterior maintenance items that most people give regular attention and will spend large amounts of money on to maintain because appearance is important to them.  Computers, cell phones and the human brain - information processors that we rely on to run our lives.  What happens when your expensive computer breaks down or your expensive phone is now not running proper due to a system update?  Answer:  you get on the phone and schedule a tech support session to diagnose  the problem and set about to fix it.  In some cases it will need total replacement - immediately, and the down time can cost you business.

What else can cost you business if it is not working properly? Your brain - the single most important information processor that everyone possesses. If you think your computer works hard at processing information - consider the brain’s function.  It not only processes information and runs your internal systems - it has to manage emotion.  When the emotions become unmanageable and the stress begins to cause a system shut down - who do you call?  Are there any system upgrades or support available for the brain that can prevent or repair system failure and misfire?  Yes, and it will cost you something - time and money.   All those other aforementioned items cost you time and money, yet the brain is often overlooked for fear of being labeled a mental health patient.  Mental health is just that. If you begin to think of mental health as system support, you will begin to enjoy benefits of "system upgrades" in a place like Gulf Coast Therapy Center - it is like a health spa for your mind, soul and body.

In our real estate business, we have had to help a number of anxious and fearful agents, sellers and buyers.  We have spent a great deal of time being counselors and getting everyone to the closing table.  Our 25 year background in family ministry has been very useful, as death and divorce have been the reason for a large part of our home sales this year. The vast energy spent on helping others has taken a toll on me, and I found myself feeling drained and weary - my brain was experiencing a system shut down and the tell tale signs are reacting vs being responsive.  I knew it was time for an upgrade.  I decided to call for support.

Gulf Coast Therapy Center - put it on speed dial. You will appreciate the spa-like integrative and holistic approach designed by Dr Mary Macedonio.  There is a special therapy yoga room, plans to add a massage therapist, a tea area and specially decorated areas/rooms to appeal to your comfort and educational needs.   

Located on Venice Island in the Tandem Center you will find this amazing spring of hope to be a valuable asset to your life.  GCTC offers care for families, couples, individuals and groups.  Dr Mary has additionally employed a Developmental Disabilities Specialist and hopes to work with the Loveland Center in the future.   No white coats here - just caring people sharing their specialized skills and education in a really great out of the box environment.  She even has a kitchen area, where from time to time I know you will find donuts from the local Yummies Donuts shop - being food motivated I suspect she planted those in house so I would visit ( insert laugh then make an appointment).  Check out the still developing website to read more about this wonderful healing team of credentialed clinicians and how bioenergetics, meditation, yoga and other wonderful holistic methods can reset your brain and produce growth, heal your relationships and yourself.  You are worth the investment. 

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Katrina Smith is owner/operator of Little Black Dress Home Staging in Sarasota County. She is also a licensed Florida Realtor with Steve Martin Homes Group and RE/MAX Platinum Realty. A home décor specialist from the Grosse Pointe Michigan area, Katrina has been professionally preparing and staging homes in and around Sarasota County since 2007. Katrina has also held a full cosmetology license since 1997.