It's about people, not property: by SMSmith

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Today we are reminded that being a REALTOR isn't about property, it's about people.

Certainly I wish that every sale and purchase was a time of excitement and joy as many of them are. Helping people to experience happy life events is a great way to earn a living. However, experiencing beyond coincidence situations first hand does help keep a person grounded.

So today we pray for Kathy, a widow who lost her husband last January. They moved down after Rob retired just 3 years ago. Two short years later he’s gone and she is here with all of her family up north. When Kathy called me in December, there was an obvious urgency in her voice. She needed to sell her house quickly and get home but was completely overwhelmed by her possessions and the process. With only a small savings left and a mortgage still on the property, Kathy needed to get as much as possible for her modest home.

After a full day of Kathy and I working vigorously to make her home look good in photos, we were able to negotiate a strong contract with a buyer just two days later. Kathy’s closing was set for today 1/25/2019. Title called and asked her to pre-sign, which is not an everyday occurrence in Real Estate. She thought it was odd, but I encouraged her to be okay with presigning; stating “you never know what can happen on the day of closing to make signing difficult”.

In the end, she signed her closing documents two days early and her younger brother unexpectedly died the very next day. One of her sons immediately flew down to drive her back home during the time of her originally scheduled closing.

Kathy no longer needs to be concerned about her Florida property and can focus on her family in their time of need.

Being a REALTOR isn't about property, it's about people.

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