Is Home Staging Really Worth The Money?

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Do you ever wonder if home staging is really worth the money and the effort?

Steve Martin Homes Group guarantees it!

Home Owner: Will you also take care of power-washing the pool cage?

Steve: Yes we will, in fact we'll power wash the whole house - and use a scrubber on your driveway. It will look beautiful.

Home Owner: So let me repeat what I think I heard. We can leave everything behind that we do not want to take, including dirt and garbage. Even all that old crap in the garage?

Steve: Even that old crap in the garage. We want you to be able to take what you need and move on to your next adventure without the anxiety of getting your house ready for sale. Once it's ready, we will bring in our furnishings and dress your house up for a date with the buying public.

Home Owner: You're hired!


Well there it is...

This home was only on the MLS for 15 minutes when we received our 1st full price offer.


... and Katrina makes our listings beautiful !!!

We listed this home for $25,000 more than the home owner thought it was worth in it's previous condition. 

After we detailed and staged it, buyers were tripping over each other to buy this home.

Another amazing prep and staging job, by Katrina, that proves our home staging is worth it.