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I wish I could say that all of our sales went as fast as the one depicted in the photo above. That of course would not be the case. However our track record is still quite impressive if you are interested - read further.

Choosing your next listing agent based on the price they say you should get for your house is one of the worst reasons to choose a Realtor. Instead, examine their history in marketing of properties, bringing buyers, successful open houses, and overall sales stats in your area. How you feel when you are around them is also important. If trusting them could be an issue, then keep looking.
Unless an agent is the one buying your property, they cannot guarantee what it will sell for or how fast it will sell. You need a team that will help you present the best version of your house to the masses, both in photos and in person.  That is what we are known for.

Here are the listing stats for the last 50 listings by the Steve Martin Homes Group.
Average  DOM ( days on the market ) 36.3
Listings with an accepted offer in 30 days or less = 64%
Listings with an accepted offer in 60 days or less = 72%
Listings with an accepted offer in 90 days or less = 86%
Listings with an accepted offer in 120 days or less = 94 %
Longest days on the market until an accepted offer = 145
How close to the original list price have those listing sold at? Average is 96%
Amount of sales as a direct result of our open house program = 54%
Amount of sales of our listings that we also wrote the offer for = 26%
We are not perfect, and we cannot promise you the moon. However, we are dedicated to your successful sale and our track record of success is certainly worth considering.
If you are interviewing Realtors in or near Sarasota County, we would look forward to meeting with you.

If you would like us to interview agents on your behalf in another town, we do that also - at no charge to you.
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Steve Martin Smith is a Top 1% REALTOR who specializes in Residential New Construction and Resale in Sarasota County, including Venice and The West Villages.
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