How To Stay In Contract After A Home Inspection

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How To Stay In Contract After A Home Inspection: by Steve Martin Smith

There are plenty of resources available that discuss home inspections. I've included another one in this blog.


In the past seven days, 97 homes that were under contract went back on the market in Sarasota County.   Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

If you are trying to sell or purchase a home... THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM !

Q: What is the most common cause for Back On The Market ?  
A: Inspection results.

Sellers often believe that their property is in better condition than it actually is. Buyers become concerned when they see results that they were not expecting.

Since the majority of Florida Realtors seem to impose the “AS-IS” contract on their customers, there is nothing contractual to commit the seller to make the repairs. There is also nothing to commit the buyer to follow through with the purchase if the seller does make the repairs.

I find this situation very unfortunate for both buyers and sellers. That is why I have developed and proven a negotiation strategy which helps all parties to get from contract to closing in a true win/win fashion. My team has been using this approach to real estate negotiations successfully since 2015.

To Sellers: I’ve linked the “How To Prepare For A Home Inspection” pdf to help you understand some of your preventative options. However, without my negotiation strategy in place, the buyer could still just decide to walk away, retain their deposit and leave you to start the process all over again.

To Buyers: If you want the house you fell in love with to be ready for you to move into at closing, you need to call my team.

Out of the Sarasota market? Let our team find you an agent that understands our contract philosophy.

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