Five Star Home Preparation and Staging Review

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Home Improvement

We recently received this glowing five star review on Google,, Zillow and other sites from an extremely happy customer. This gentleman was overwhelmed with a home that he had not lived in for three years. It was in great disrepair and full of clutter. He could not possibly figure out how to make his home sellable to anyone other than a house flipper. Even more unfortunate was that he still owed too much on it to sell it for what it was it was currently worth. 

After having other REALTORS assess the mess and discuss selling it as-is for a low price, Clark fortunately met Katrina at his place of employment. The rest is history. Within 8 weeks of their first discussion Katrina had transformed an unsellable property into a beautiful home that received a great offer after only 8 days on the market.

I spoke with him the other day and he stated that he is sure that he STILL would not have of been able to sell if it wasn't for Katrina and Steve Martin Homes Group.

"How did I get a $245,000 cash offer in 8 days on a house that was maybe worth $200,000 two months earlier? As a retired Real Estate Agent, never have I seen this level of dedication to helping a customer prepare their home to put the most amount of profit in the seller’s pocket. Not only did they give me excellent advice on the improvements that I needed to make prior to listing, they invested over $5,000 of their own money to make my property shine. This was my first experience with a real estate team that has a home stylist concierge service. It was incredible! Katrina was the project manager for my tired home’s complete month-long make-over. She knew who to call for everything that needed to be done, inside and out. After all the improvements were completed and the property was cleaned spotless, Katrina staged it to perfection. Steve Martin Homes Group put $20,000 in my pocket that I likely would have never seen without their personal investment of time and money in my dated home. Now I understand what the other reviews meant that say 'they go above and beyond'."

- Clark,  Sarasota County