Do you trade in cars for pennies on the dollar?

Home Improvement

When you trade in your dirty old car to the dealership, they give you a fraction of what it will be worth on the lot. Then it goes off to their detail experts before they present it to the buying public.

The cost of detailing is quite expensive, yet they all do it. The building, the tools, the supplies, the water and electric, the management and staff all come at a substantial price. If car dealerships used the same approach as many REALTORS and home sellers use, we’d have some pretty gross used cars to choose from in our local car lots.

Fortunately the used car industry understands that people buy beautiful. We buy it faster and for more money than we buy mediocre.

Like a well prepared used car, most people seem to acknowledge that having a professionally cleaned and staged home will help a house sell faster and for more money. Since this is an absolutely true and proven statement, it is surprising how many sellers are still not willing to make the commitment to properly preparing their home to meet the buying public.

This is why Steve Martin Homes Group now offers a Free Home Staging Guarantee.

As we enter our sixth year of selling homes in and around Sarasota County, our personal stats declare that our home detailing, styling and staging is the number one reason that our average days on the market is in the 30’s while the Sarasota County average hovers around 80 days.

We have therefore decided to make it as easy as possible for a home seller to send their used home through the detail department before presenting it to the buying public.

If we are willing to let a homeowner pay for staging at closing, and guarantee a successful sale or the staging is absolutely FREE, then you should serioulsy consider the results that professional staging could have on YOUR sale.  


Written by Steve Martin Smith

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Steve Martin Smith is a top Sarasota County area Real Estate Agent licensed in the state of Florida since January of 2015. With an impressive launch, he attained the number two ranking in his brokerage of 20 agents by the end of 2016. That caused other brokerages to aggressively attempt to recruit him and eventually he accepted an offer with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in March of 2017. Since that time Steve has reached many personal heights. Selling $1,000,000+ estates from Panther Ridge in Manatee County to Burnt Store Marina condos in Punta Gorda, Steve has managed to become the top selling Coldwell Banker agent of single family homes in the area that includes Venice, Venice Island, Nokomis and The West Villages since 2017. He is also in the top 40 of all Sarasota County Realtors.