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Our journey to improve how we eat and live has been a good one. In learning how to make keto friendly meals, we have discovered many ways to enjoy the foods that we loved to eat by changing a few ingredients. With a few alterations to the flours and sweeteners we can keep it low in calories and carbohydrates. Steve and I have lost about 20lbs each over three months’ time and we still enjoy our cocktails at the end of the day and eat cake. 

I will share with you a few ways we have changed the carbohydrate content of the foods we love to eat and drink. 

1)    Pizza Crust:  Quick easy and delicious!   4 stars

Secret to this crust is using BLANCHED ALMOND FLOUR and adding garlic salt or dried spices to the mix for a flavored crust!  The more parmesan cheese the crispier the crust. 2.7 carbs / 173 calories

I find putting the dough on to parchment paper on top of the baking sheet – and applying another layer on top – will help you move the dough around to the thickness you like.  Peel off the top parchment and slip into the oven to bake.  

We have topped this crust with taco style, BBQ chicken style, veggie style, fresh basil and mozz style – anyway you can keep it carb friendly. 

2)   Coconut Cake:  Dense, buttery and moist – easy to make ahead and delicious!  4 stars

Secret is in the sweetener you use.  This recipe uses Xylitol but it upsets my stomach.  I used Swerve and didn’t have to do the extra steps of powdering the sugar.  It bakes and cooks just like real sugar and measure the same. Taste great too.  422 calories / 2.7 carbs.

I bought 4 little cake pans and make them individually.  I ball up the batter and freeze the rest into single servings. The frosting keeps for weeks in the fridge.  I toasted the coconut and keep it on hand in a container.  My dogs love it – I sprinkle it on their dog food with a drizzle of coconut milk. 

3)   Bourbon on the rocks – our favorite is Bulleit poured over a round ice ball in a rock glass.  Classy.  Bullet Rye makes an incredible old fashioned.  Swerve can serve as the sugar in the old fashioned.  5 Stars

4)   Beer with pizza?   YES, YES, YES -  Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Organic light lager. 5 stars  2.5 carbs per bottle / 85 calories

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Katrina Smith is owner/operator of Little Black Dress Home Staging in Sarasota County. She is also a licensed Florida Realtor with Steve Martin Homes Group and RE/MAX Platinum Realty. A home décor specialist from the Gross Point Michigan area, Katrina has been professionally preparing and staging homes in and around Sarasota County since 2007. Katrina has also held a full cosmetology license since 1997