Best Advice for Making a Senior-Friendly Downsize

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A note from Steve: The following blog was written exclusively for by a gentleman who had recently helped his senior parents downsize.
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What does the future hold for your household?
Are you retiring, have an empty nest, or simply want to do less and savor life more?
Read on for great ideas for a senior-friendly downsize. 


Less House, Less Burden
Many seniors opt to downsize into a smaller house. With less home to manage, it frees you up to spend your time, money, and energy doing the things more important to you, and it is a great choice under the right circumstances. If you think that downsizing could be the right fit, start making notes of your priorities. Look through various features that Forbes notes will make a home more senior-friendly. For instance, minimal stairs, skid-free flooring, and grab bars in the bathroom can be especially helpful to seniors. 


Fido-Friendly, Senior-Friendly
House hunting should take your whole household into account, and for many seniors that includes their beloved canine companions. Make some notes about how your home can keep you and your dog comfortable, such as appropriate fencing for those 3 am potty trips. If you can’t find a home with existing fencing, a wireless fence is a smart choice. As Pet Life Today points out in their review of several products, wireless fences are easy to install, need minimal upkeep, and keep your pooch contained, even if he’s a digger or jumper.

Another consideration is a dog room, which contains hair and messes more, and it gives Fido some space when busy grandkids visit. By considering conveniences and needs, you and your dog will both be happier in the new place.

Freedom with Built-In Support
Gone are the days when you either stayed in your home or went to a nursing home, as the downsizing options for seniors are far broader than they used to be. One popular choice many older adults consider is to move to a senior living community, and there are a couple of different types worth studying: independent living and assisted living.  

In an independent living facility, you are provided a home, cottage, condo, or apartment, and you share a community with other older adults. There are typically some great amenities, such as group events, transportation services, and so forth, and the community normally takes care of things like lawn care and other maintenance concerns. Just like the name sounds, you live an independent life, and it’s great for seniors on the go.  

If you need help with some daily tasks, such as dressing, managing medications, or bathing, an assisted living facility is often a better choice. These facilities are much like independent living communities but have staff to help you with those little extras so you can stay active.  


What About My Stuff?
When it’s time to downsize, most seniors need to do some significant editing. A lifetime of belongings can be challenging to sort through, so allow ample time to sift through things. One way to navigate the process is to put belongings into piles. You can divide them by what is especially loved, items to recycle, items to donate or sell, and items to toss. Box things up as you go, which will ease packing when moving day comes along.

When it comes to hiring movers, Newsweek warns that there are a number of scams out there, so be alert to questionable practices. Movers should come to your home and examine what you have before giving you an estimate, and you should avoid taking someone’s word for a quote — always get everything in writing. If someone gives you a low-ball offer, you should pass, as sometimes they will hold your belongings hostage for more money. The last thing you want is a major hiccup once you find your new home, so be vigilant!

Looking toward the future, many older adults decide it’s time to make some changes. Whether it’s a bigger house you no longer need, too much maintenance, or the financial burden, there can be freedom in downsizing. Weigh your options and needs to find the right solution.  Regardless of your motivation, there are plenty of great choices available these days when the time comes to downsize.  

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