5 Top Questions For Sellers To Ask by SMSmith

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In our experience, most people go way too easy on real estate agents during an interview. You can stop now.

We encourage you to ask tough questions and expect great answers. After all, your life can be greatly affected by the quality of Realtor you choose.


5 Top Questions To Ask A Realtor Before You Sign To List Your Property

1. Can you provide me with a report from your board of Realtors that shows how many homes you have sold in my city in the past 2 years and where that ranks among your peers?

2. Can you show me the online marketing that you’ve done for the past 10 homes you’ve listed and explain how you will prepare and market my home?

3. Will you insure that my house will not be taken off the market by someone who can simply change their mind - and still get their deposit back?

4. How will you get my house to compete with all this new construction?

5. What do you lose if my house doesn’t’ sell?

These are just a few of many great questions a tough interviewer will consider in order to help them get the best of the best to list, prepare, market, negotiate and close the sale their property.

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