5 Star New Construction Review in Sarasota County

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We recently received this glowing five star review on Google  from extremely happy customers who bought New Construction in Sarasota County.  When Karl and Donna began their discovery process earlier this year, they thought they would be buying a pre-owned home. As we got to know them, it became obvious to us that they would be happiest purchasing a home that would allow them to pick out all of their finishes and options right from the start. Like most on line shoppers, they found it frustrating. I kept assuring them that once they arrived in Sarasota County, I could show them wonderful options for their slice of Florida. The following review describes it best.

"Steve and his team are amazing. We live in Massachusetts and knew little about "nice" places to live in Florida but from what we read and heard, Venice was the ideal location for us. Our friend and neighbor became snowbirds in Venice over a year ago. We asked who they used as a REALTOR and they spoke very highly of Steve and his team and suggested we give him a call. Steve worked his butt off showing us both preowned and new construction.

A word of advice....

If you're looking at new construction talk to Steve. He knows all the communities and builders. I know many of you may think you will get a better deal going directly to the builder, Wrong!! He actually saves you money with his vast knowledge of how buying new construction works. Everything we wrote is our honest opinion and experience with him. You won't find a harder working and honest REALTOR anywhere. We ended up purchasing new construction at Grand Palm in Venice."

- Karl and Donna Meincke from Pennsylvania