5 electrical panels that are potential fire hazard

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Think about it, if you are selling your house and you sign a contract for an offer that you feel is acceptable, do you really want the buyer to come back to you after inspections and ask for you to replace a $2000 electrical panel before closing?

Of course not, what a ridiculous question for me to ask. ( insert DUH here )


Another such ridiculous question would be directed to the buyer.

“Hey buyer, now that your inspector has informed you that my electric panel is on the high risk list with insurance companies, why don’t you go ahead and buy it anyway?”


A note to sellers:

I am aware of 5 manufacturers of electrical panel boxes that insurance companies do not want to insure. Why, because they have a high enough failure rate to consider them dangerous. Whether you are keeping your house or selling your house, you might consider checking to see if your box is manufactured by one of these companies that Chris at Schillinger Insurance Center in Sarasota County Florida has stated are high risk boxes.

Federal Pacific

You don’t have to take their word for it. Call your own insurance company and call your licensed electrician. 

A note to buyers: 

Call your insurance company prior to house hunting. Ask them for their electric panel hit list. Write them down and take this list with you. Check the box yourself when your REALTOR is showing you the house. If you decide to write an offer, have your agent add terms to the offer that get the seller to install a new box prior to closing. That will prevent the deal from falling apart, at least for this common reason, after inspections.

Also, if you know this information and the REALTOR you are using does not, be cautious about how much you are trusting them to protect you from making a bad buying decision.

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