100 Years of Hurricane Paths in Florida

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Keep this 'our little secret' or everyone will move here

Although I do not know how to verify the information in this video, it certainly seems like it could be accurate. Especially in regards to the low amount of storm activity in Sarasota County through the years.

1983 was the first year that I visited Sarasota County. I was 19 years old and stayed here for 9 months before returning to my hometown just outside of Detroit. From that point forward I kept close tabs on this area, visiting as often as possible. Katrina and I moved the kids to Sarasota in 1998 and then Venice in 2005.  From Indian burial grounds, to a dip in the gulf floor off our coast, we hear a variety of theories as to why storms seem to take it easy on us here. I personally do not have a strong opinion on the matter. I do however, thank God that I was able to move my young family to Sarasota County and build a new life for the Smith family in such an amazing part of the world. 

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Steve Martin Smith has sold more Sarasota County homes than 98% of the area’s REALTORS from January 2015 through December 2020. Selling $1,000,000+ estates from Panther Ridge in Manatee County to condos in Punta Gorda, he is truly a tri-county REALTOR. Originally from the Detroit area, Steve discovered Sarasota County in 1983 and then moved his young family here in 1998. In his life before real estate, Steve worked corporate business management positions for 25 years while simultaneously volunteering in youth and family ministry roles with his wife Katrina. Today, along with their adult children, they enjoy helping families to realize their goals and dreams. Steve also fancies himself a song writer and plays guitar whenever he gets the chance.

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