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Our extended team includes contractors, home remodelers, painters,
smoke remediation, carpet cleaning,
lawn and landscape, rental  property management, etc...  
We are a one-stop-shop for all of your real estate needs.

“We sure received the million-dollar treatment! Our home was sold in eight days.
The amount of effort put in by Steve and Katrina was phenomenal.
Their attention to detail and their professionalism were instrumental in a very rapid sale.”
– Rich & Kitty in Venice



Dear future friends,

Our family has lived from one end of Sarasota and Manatee County to the other – 
and everywhere in between over the past 18 years.

Knowing the areas in which we sell is highly beneficial with
helping our customers find the lifestyle they are looking to enjoy.

We have helped many families from out of state find their new homes and lifestyles
sometimes sight unseen. 

People trust us and that means the world to us.
With that trust, we have been able to help families with

loved ones that live in the greater Sarasota area that happen to now need a change in their
living arrangement, whether it is to move back
north by their children, or move on to a fantastic
retirement home.  We can even help you prepare the home of a passed loved one for sale

with compassion and understanding of what loss means to the ones left behind.
Most of the time we can coordinate this with
minimal away time – from your job and current life;
our family lives to help your family. 

Being a military family, we consider it a great honor to help our service members
find homes to start their new life.
First time home-buyers have a special place in our hearts as well,
it’s a joy to see others achieve their goals and to know that
we played a major role in their life.
This is what we do; this is who we are – your favorite Realtors. We have it covered.

Bring us your creative needs and see how we can help you achieve your goals and lifestyle needs.
We are only a call away – everyday.

 – Steve Martin Smith and Katrina Smith

"Steve is the real estate agent to contact if your looking to buy a home. He is highly educated in Florida real estate and is a big asset in your search for a new home. I met Steve at a open house. Steve is extremely friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable and tells it how it is. He even has his own podcasts and you tube videos for the buyers to learn valuable information. Check out Steve Martin - Real Estate Agent Man under YouTube you will be glad you did. I highly recommend Steve."

  -Andrew, Client

"My wife and I bought in a nice mobile home park a fews back when we moved to Florida. In the past 2 years the lot rent had risen tremendously. Although we desired to own a single family home in Venice we did not think we could pull it off with the market being what it is. Several months ago my wife started to tell me about conversations she was having with Steve Martin Smith that were beginning to give her hope. To me it just didn’t seem possible, considering the craziness of the local real estate market. Then it happened, Steve had a signed listing agreement on a house that he thought we had a shot at. We quickly applied for a mortgage with our bank and were given bad information from the loan officer. Fortunately, Steve saw right through it and suggested a better lending option for us. We were approved for 100% financing. Incredible! Then Katrina jumped in to improve the listing of our mobile home, which we had to sell quickly to make this all work. (END OF PART 1)"

  -Geoff L. ( part 1 of 2 ), Client

"Steve and Katrina’s energy and enthusiasm level is second to none. They go above and beyond in all measures. You call, they pick up on the first ring. You have a problem they help you solve it quickly. They are simply a magnificent force in helping others like us making a flawless transition into a new home. Thank you both for being so very special!"

  -Rick & Jackie Bontekoe, Client

"We met Steve Martin Homes through a recommendation. Katrina answered the phone as if she knew us for ages. They sincerely treated us like family. We felt so comfortable with their knowledge of the area, the market, the HOAs, community, extended community, and value, that we bought our condo "site un-seen." They helped us with setting up the inspection; went to the site to see it through; phoned us when it was done and set up any repairs that were needed. They prepared us with contacts for local TV, electric, internet, water, etc. Certainly above and beyond what I expected from a real estate agency. Especially being out of state, it was a comfort knowing we had someone reliable to call - even now, I know they would answer if we had a question."

  -Dr. Gina Spindler, Client

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