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The Steve Martin Smith Team

"Extremely Responsive... The Best... They put a lot of work into their listings... A sincere, honest, caring couple.."  READ MORE
– Mike and Karen from Maine 

"An amazing experience buying our home... We truly felt like family and had a blast..." READ MORE
- Scott and Jackie from New Jersey

"Top realtors in South Florida... Everything we wanted and needed, they provided...  We made the right choice... You will not be disappointed..."  READ MORE
- John and Cari from Michigan

"Thanks...Steve Martin Smith and his wife Katrina, for helping me bring Dad’s home back to life ...stress free as possible especially with me being in Maryland...   READ MORE
- Jeannette from Maryland

"Being a Michigan REALTOR puts me in the position of helping my customers find their winter homes..."   READ MORE
- Gretchen Ouweleen, Arterra Realty, Michigan

"We could write a book about Steve and Katrina, full of surprises..."   READ MORE
- Flora & Klaus Roehricht from Germany

"Although it is not in Florida, he located an agent in the area I am assigned to. He made sure that I was confident in my purchase..." READ MORE
- Gary from Japan and Texas

"We purchased our home sight unseen... We highly recommend this family team that can be trusted and depended on..." READ MORE
- Mike and Cindy from Michigan

"The most amazing, caring, compassionate man along with his adorable, brilliant and knowledgeable wife Katrina Smith..." READ MORE
– Denise and Keith from North Carolina

"Attentive to listening... Responded quickly... Katrina staged the property perfectly..." READ MORE
- Dan and Sue from Pennsylvania

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"Extremely knowledgeable... Easy and fun...With us every step of the way.... Made our dream a reality..." READ MORE
– Sean and Amy from Sarasota

"If you are a Realtor and have a referral for the Venice area, Steve is your guy..."    READ MORE
- Debbie Turner, Keller Williams Realty

"They walked my elderly mom through the entire process and made her feel at ease every step of the way..." READ MORE
– Tom from Venice

"They go way above & beyond the call of duty! Make NO other call, but to Steve & Katrina!  Two amazing hard working people!"  READ MORE
– Christine from Colorado

"From searching on Sundays with my children to rushing and offering to pick up my kids from school...  It was huge to me as a working mother of 3..."  READ MORE
– Kim and James from New Jersey

"They are extremely knowledgeable about the area... They listen carefully saving you time and energy... They are a truly great team..."   READ MORE
- Dennis and Candy from Apollo Beach, FL

"We are not familiar with this area of Florida and they could not have been more accommodating."   READ MORE
- Rita and George from Indiana

"All aspects of their service were professional, complete and well communicated"   READ MORE
- Pam and Len from Maine

"The dream team of realtors... Katrina totally transformed our home from drab to sparkling...  The Smiths’ reputation for integrity, knowledge and the ultimate in service is well deserved..."   READ MORE
– Mary Jeanne from Texas

"We looked at the condo around 2 PM... At 5 PM received a call telling us we were the owners..."  READ MORE
– Paul and Kathy from Pennsylvania

"Steve aided me in finding just the right development in which to build a new home... The results speak for themselves..."  READ MORE
– Bernie from New Jersey

"I chose the best Realtors in the area... Extremely professional, honest, truthful, and friendly... they knew exactly what they were doing..."   READ MORE
– Kitty from Maryland

"Steve responds promptly and always has incredible solutions... Buying/selling can be so stressful but Steve has a way of keeping things in check..."    READ MORE
– Kristina from Venice

"Stress in a sale is rough and this couple relieved a great deal of this problem with outstanding knowledge of Florida real estate laws and very pleasant, positive attitudes..." READ MORE
- Phil & Barb from Pennsylvania

"Steve is a knowledgeable and patient man! He kept our spirits up..."  READ MORE
– Nicole from Sarasota

"Steve’s professionalism and caring spirit made our new life possible..."  READ MORE
– Gwenn from Delaware

"His professionalism and patience were highly instrumental in guiding through a smooth transition..."  READ MORE 
– Julie from Venice

"While living out of state... He listened to me on what I really wanted...So remarkable..."  READ MORE
– Tracy from New York

"We couldn’t have been happier receiving the “two for one” complete package!"  READ MORE
– Richard from Maryland   

"Steve and Katrina truly understand the meaning of  "exceptional customer service!"
- Cindi Rogers, Colleague