You Be The Judge. Before or After?


We've all see those horrible photos on real estate sites. What were they thinking? Right??

Well you can blame the real estate agent if you want, but that doesn't help the seller one bit.

It's the sellers who need to seriously improve their research process prior to choosing an agent.

Stop giving mediocre agents an income and they will either improve or get out of the business.

People buy beautiful houses faster and for more money than mediocre houses.

Find a agent or team that will make your home show it's absolute best with a reasonable amount of effort and investment.

If you can find a realtor with great reviews who specializes in these types of improvements to maximize your profit, trust them. Do what they say.

Be willing to spend a few thousand if needed to compete in your market place and you won't be the reason that your property doesn't sell.

On behalf of Your Favorite Realtors,
 - Steve